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About TON OP

TON OP doo ltd was founded by Vitko Vitkov. His experience in supplying equipment and machinery for agribusinesses, servicing complex equipment, and supplying and selling textiles became the basis for a new digital product - the TONOP program.
Dropshinning for your business
Digital transformation of the enterprise has become a necessary and obligatory step. Without it, operating successfully in a highly competitive market is difficult, and soon will be impossible.
TONOP offers advanced technologies for Dropshipping cooperation. We can find buyers for your products via digital sourcing tools, make presentations to interested customers, enter into negotiations and broker the deal. Or we can find the right product for your needs, conduct market research, check the reputation of the manufacturer, negotiate the purchase and ensure that the financial transactions are optimized.
To do this, we use digital tools in the areas of sourcing, marketing, sales, negotiation, etc.
By registering to our Individual Tariff program, you will have access to digital tools to sell your products in large volumes. Submit your requests now and get new opportunities for your business.
TONOP makes it easy to simulate the sales process, whether the process is established or the business is starting from scratch. The program allows you to add, edit and delete transaction steps and properties directly from a contact or company record without the help of IT specialists. The user no longer has to waste time on manual data entry, most of the information is filled in automatically.
The product optimizes the entire sales process by accurately prioritizing tasks. When the user updates data (current inventory, current period sales, supplier information, etc.) TONOP immediately recalculates and updates the order plan, inventory status, calculates possible costs, and selects the right product. Expected demand is calculated on the basis of forecasts, which are created on the basis of sales history.
TONOP measures the effectiveness of all marketing campaigns with built-in analytics, reports and dashboards. Calculates demand for new or additional product categories, product lines, and analyzes product data in the selected market.
Allows you to track and store information about the full life cycle of a customer from an anonymous visitor to a loyal customer, to analyze the competitive environment on special reputational and qualitative evaluation criteria.
The cloud version of the program is extended with data on transactions that take place on global markets. It is possible to get information about who the future counterparty is, whether his business is legitimate, how competitive his prices are, whether the goods are available, whether he provides guarantees and certificates.
It uses built-in bi-directional connections to import data and SQL-query connections to export data.
TONOP makes forecasts based on statistics, sales history, information about shortages of certain products and upcoming promotions. TONOP generates demand and revenue plans. The forecast can be adjusted manually using various methods.
The planning processes are managed by the strategy selected in the program with set parameters of the order cycle for each item. When the user updates data (availability, sales, suppliers) TONOP recalculates all data and gives new recommendations for possible transactions.
Dropshipping is a popular area of global trade. The steady growth of the direct-to-consumer market explains the popularity of this business model. Dropshippers do not need a warehouse to store goods, nor do they need to rent premises for an offline shop. To start the business, it is enough to register a domain name for a website or an online shop, make a marketplace and pay for hosting. The dropshipping algorithm is accessible and simple: a buyer orders a product on the seller's (dropshipper's) website, pays for it, the dropshipper receives the money, transfers it to the supplier, who ships the goods and issues the proper documents. The dropshipper's income is the difference between the price of the supplier and the value of the product he has advertised in his online shop.
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