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Grow your business non-linearly

In today's e-commerce world, strategic partnerships are becoming a key element of a successful business. With this in mind, TON OP, a leading dropshipping optimisation and management company, and Potega, which provides a wide range of products to the automotive industry, have joined forces to achieve mutual benefits and effective collaboration.
How to «measure» a loyalty program?

Simple discounts are like a painkiller, quick but short-lived - and don't really solve the problem of building loyalty.

How much do product range, discounts and service quality influence loyalty? Why do customers leave? How can customers be retained?
Discounts. 10 Common Types for Dropshipping Businesses

People don't need the best toothbrush. They need a bright smile. Promotions and discounts seem to be the easiest and cheapest way to keep customers interested and loyal. And no wonder: the value of a product bought at a discount is much higher. Discounts, even if not for long, make the customer happier.
KPI. Business Development Metrics

Turnover is an important indicator of the development of any business. Important, but not enough. A data-driven approach allows you to track key business development metrics and helps you to optimise your sales processes. In any business, even a small one, you can only control what you can measure.
FOMO marketing to increase sales

Looking for a way to increase sales and improve customer interaction? We have the perfect solution. Studies show that ads that use FOMO marketing triggers increase the number of clicks and conversions to a website by 22% and the likelihood of visitors becoming customers (conversion rate) by 40%.
Guerrilla marketing. Just Do It

Guerrilla marketing is the indirect and creative promotion of a product or business using unconventional, memorable, effective, fun and daring advertising and marketing techniques.
How to choose a niche and find a profitable sub-niche

Promoting mass market products is different from promoting premium products. Popular products or services belong to highly competitive niches. Each niche has its own consumer, whose habits have long been formed. If you don't have an adequate marketing budget, you won't make any money in them.
Email Newsletter. When quality is more important than size

The short answer is yes, it is worth it. But you have to remember that the come-see-buy model of online shopping is already outdated. Most customers need to be helped to choose and encouraged to buy.
Dropshipping. How not to burnout and not to be disappointed
The familiar rituals of the working day: checking emails, answering messages, calling, writing, enquiring, deciding. Online business merges seamlessly with online life. The hustle and bustle of everyday life is embellished by opportunities. But what about routine?
Don't ignore the problems. How to overcome a crisis in business?
A business crisis means new opportunities. This is what new coaches, advanced marketers and, of course, those who have come through the crisis tell us. Those who have already been through it. By replacing the word 'problems' with the word 'opportunity', they are trying to put us in a positive frame of mind by lowering our stress levels.
17 Best Social Networks for your Business in 2024
How many social networking sites do you know? Five? Ten? Which social networks do you use for your business? How do you manage them? Which social networks are popular with your target audience? Should you change anything about your company's advertising strategy in 2024?
Popular Online Selling Techniques

In theory, it's easier than that. That can be said of any sales strategy. As we delve into the nuances of e-commerce, we realise that there are still many unexpected discoveries and unplanned twists and turns ahead. We should not forget that the average web user no longer responds to frivolous and promising advertising tricks, they no longer work for them
CRM for small businesses. How to choose

CRM is a system for managing customers and their information. With CRM, you can capture, remember and track every contact, creating your own database. Until recently, it was thought that small businesses didn't need expensive and cumbersome software solutions, including CRM. Yes, that used to be the case.
How do you know if your e-commerce site is outdated and what to do about it?

Everything flows, everything changes. Let's talk about websites today. More specifically, the fact that any online resource can become outdated and "out of fashion". When did you launch your online shop? What e-commerce services do you use on your site?
Generational Marketing
Attempting to reach potential customers of different ages simultaneously with a single ad or promotion usually results in a wasted budget. How do you effectively target each generation? Consider preferences, study habits and identify needs. Keep in mind that generational theory does not take into account the individuality of each person.
How to write about a product and improve site ranking?

A good product description becomes an important aspect of e-commerce. Product reviews help customers make informed purchasing decisions and can help improve a site's search engine ranking.
Dropshipping - a tool for testing demand

The direct-to-consumer market will continue to grow steadily over the next 5 years. This means that dropshipping will continue to be popular as a simple and affordable online business model.
Retailers and distributors use dropshipping to expand their assortment and test demand by buying small trial batches of goods.
Dropshipping. Exchange and return policy

"Dropshipping." It's a word many entrepreneurs dread, even those who have been in e-commerce for years. The thought that all the effort has been in vain keeps you from settling down. Stop! Returning is not the end of the world! It's an experience that you can turn to your advantage.
Online store. What to start with?

How do I create a winning e-commerce business strategy? First of all, it is necessary to analyze the market, investigate the need for goods and services, decide what and to whom you will sell, decide on pricing and study competitors. By choosing the business model of the future enterprise and drawing up at least a minimum business plan, you can start acting.
Why customer loyalty is important?

A loyal customer is the goal of any business and one of the most valuable e-commerce assets. This is the result of a successful deal, pleasant communication, memories of the purchase process itself, a useful experience.
A loyal customer creates a continuous sales cycle that increases the profits of your online store.
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