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Dropshipping. Exchange and return policy
"Dropshipping." It's a word many entrepreneurs dread, even those who have been in e-commerce for years. The thought that all the effort has been in vain keeps you from settling down. Stop! Returning is not the end of the world! It's an experience that you can turn to your advantage.
Online store.
What to start with?
How do I create a winning e-commerce business strategy? First of all, it is necessary to analyze the market, investigate the need for goods and services, decide what and to whom you will sell, decide on pricing and study competitors. By choosing the business model of the future enterprise and drawing up at least a minimum business plan, you can start acting.
A loyal customer is the goal of any business and one of the most valuable e-commerce assets. This is the result of a successful deal, pleasant communication, memories of the purchase process itself, a useful experience.
A loyal customer creates a continuous sales cycle that increases the profits of your online store.
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