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How do you know if your e-commerce site is outdated and what to do about it?

Everything flows, everything changes. Let's talk about websites today. More specifically, the fact that any online resource can become outdated and "out of fashion". When did you launch your online shop? What e-commerce services do you use on your site?

If you don't like your site. If sales are falling and analytics show that visitors are leaving after barely opening a page, then this article is for you. How do you know if your ecommerce site is outdated and what can you do to update and improve it?
The look and feel of a website plays an important role in attracting and retaining customers. An outdated design, non-adaptive layout or poor navigation can put visitors off. Try to evaluate your site from a user's perspective: is it easy to find what you need, is it easy to make a purchase, does it look modern and attractive? If you find any problems, it may be time for a design update.
Evaluate design and user interface

  • Opt for a minimalist design
  • Remove any background images from your site (if you have them)
  • Replace any complex fonts with something easy to read
  • Add an infographic, this is one of the most popular types of content today and any designer can create one for you
  • Add a callback widget
  • The callback, menu and shopping cart buttons should be visible, anchored and always accessible.
  • Check page loading speed
Slow-loading pages can irritate users and cause you to lose customers. Studies show that even a small increase in page load time can reduce conversion rates and cause bounce rates. Use tools to check the loading speed of your website and optimise it if necessary. Reduce the size of images and keep CSS and JavaScript files to a minimum.

Analyse data and metrics
Data and analytics can provide valuable insights into the health of an ecommerce site. Use web analytics tools to find out how many people visit the site daily/hourly/monthly, how they interact with content, which pages have the highest bounce rate and which products are most popular. If you're noticing declining traffic or low conversion rates, it could be a sign of an outdated site.

Check for mobile compatibility
Make sure your website is fully responsive and works well on a variety of mobile devices and platforms. Check for compatibility with different browsers and screen resolutions. For those in commerce whose business depends on website conversion, mobile optimisation is a matter of survival.

A modern business website should be functional. The web user is spoilt. They do not want to spend a lot of time with buttons, they are used to tooltips and actions. Update product information, add new features that make the buying process easier and more convenient for the customer.

Study your competitors
Don't forget to research and analyse your competitors' websites. Look at what they offer, what features they use, how they present products and how they interact with customers.

Turn to the professionals
If you're not sure how to evaluate your website and what exactly needs to be updated, you should contact professionals in the website development or e-commerce industry. They will be able to perform a full audit of your site, identify bottlenecks and offer solutions to improve it.

Don't forget that technology is constantly evolving in the e-commerce industry and it's important to keep up with the latest trends and innovations to stay competitive. Updating and improving your website will improve the user experience, attract new customers and increase sales.

Time and resources
Updating your website is a process that takes time, resources and effort. Gradual changes and constant updates will keep your site relevant, attract new visitors and bring back old ones. Investing in updating your e-commerce website is an investment in the success of your business. Don't hesitate to contact the experts if you need help or advice.

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