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Why customer loyalty is important?

A loyal customer is the goal of any business and one of the most valuable e-commerce assets. This is the result of a successful deal, pleasant communication, memories of the purchase process itself, a useful experience.

A loyal customer creates a continuous sales cycle that increases the profits of your online store. Keeping such a buyer is easier and cheaper, marketing and advertising costs are minimal. Habit is the second nature, most buyers prefer products and services from a particular seller, for a long time decide on something new, unknown. Being enthusiastic about working with you and ignoring your competitors are key signs of loyalty and loyalty.
One of the most effective ways to grow your business is to constantly work with customer loyalty: the buyer trusts you and your store, the habit works and there is no desire to change something. Not only are regular customers converted more often, they also have a higher "average check" of the order.

Did you know that 40% of the online store's profits come from regular customers? What's striking is that just 8% of all customers account for that 40%. The value of loyal customers to the business is indisputable.

Most experts estimate that the average conversion rate in e-commerce is between 1% and 3%. According to Paul Farris's book Marketing Metrics, a customer who re-purchases a product has a 60 - 70% conversion probability.
This means that the more regular customers you have, the less you will need to invest in inappropriate marketing, try to stand out from the competition and make every effort to client find your online store, "click" on the ad, "go" to the site and stay on it.

Adobe conducted a study that examined the conversion of loyal customers. They found that a buyer who has already made a purchase twice was 9 times more likely to convert than someone who orders for the first time.

Loyal customers are the popularizers of your store. They use what they bought, publish their photos, can even brag and tell friends and relatives about their feelings and feelings from the new purchase.
This is free marketing!

How often should you remind regular customers about your store, talk about new promotions, send out information about discounts? Try to mimic their behavior. If your customers buy goods in your store on average once a month, then you should also remind yourself once a month - send a letter by email, SMS-message, message on social networks. If your customers shop on your e-commerce site twice a month, send SMS messages twice a month.
Overall, customer loyalty is essential to the success of e-commerce. This helps to save on marketing, costs of attracting customers, gives referral traffic and increases sales.

When you have your own site, it is important not to miss a unique opportunity to track and analyze its analytics in real time. TON OP DOO LTD. will help you set up Google Analytics so you can continuously track data across the site and e-commerce. Information about customers, their involvement and indicators of your audience are the most valuable material that cannot be obtained from other sources.

Which pages of the online store are viewed most often? How much, on average, does the user spend on the most popular page of the site? What income does the product presented on it bring? Without answers to these questions and without constant analysis of your store's analytics performance, you will not be able to move forward, enter a new product, run promotions and optimize your online experience.

It is very important, while doing dropshipping, not to fall into the trap of an incompetent, in his business, partner. It may seem that if the supplier solves the problem with the product, then there is nothing more to worry about. But, unfortunately, an unverified partner may turn out to be someone who cannot be relied on, who is dangerous to trust. If the supplier is non-executive, inaccurate and negligent, then his attitude will devalue all your work to maintain customer loyalty.

TON OP DOO LTD. helps companies find new partners for joint business development, verifies all information on the transaction, evaluates its legal side, negotiates and does everything to make dropshipper and supplier become permanent business partners.
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