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Don't ignore the problems. How to overcome a crisis in business?

A business crisis means new opportunities. This is what new coaches, advanced marketers and, of course, those who have come through the crisis tell us. Those who have already been through it. By replacing the word 'problems' with the word 'opportunity', they are trying to put us in a positive frame of mind by lowering our stress levels. Whether you run a large corporation or have started your own online business, it can be very difficult to identify problems and prevent threats. When you're "simmering" in a cauldron of everyday worries, it's hard to see a hurricane coming.

How do you get your business out of the rut? How to avoid getting stuck or stagnating? How to survive economic downturns? The main thing is not to ignore the problem.
Losing out to the competition?
Times are changing and if you miss the moment and stop keeping track of what your competitors are doing, you are taking a huge risk. Competitive analysis is a routine process that cannot be stopped. Which competitors have left the market? Who has just arrived and is trying to fill a profitable niche? You need to know. A simple SWOT analysis will show you what mistakes the company is making and what risks you need to prepare for. It will allow you to determine the company's position in relation to its competitors.

Not selling enough?
How long have you been in your chosen niche? You may need to rethink your product range or pricing. Change your marketing strategy and focus on your most profitable channels. How can you increase sales? Run promotions, offer discounts.

No stability in sales?
Adapt to market needs. Consider seasonal drops in sales, introduce off-season offers. To smooth out fluctuations in sales, test demand for new seasonal products.

Introduce loyalty schemes for regular customers and promotional sales to stimulate demand during downturns. Look for new markets to reduce your dependence on seasonal fluctuations.
Lack of strategy?
What used to work has stopped delivering results. It's time to shift and change. Rethink your strategy for your entire business, not just your sales. You may need to explore and move into a new niche, change suppliers, change your pricing strategy. What resources do you have to do this?

Update your methods and strategies. Adopt modern technology and tools to improve business performance. Monitor trends and analyse what's working in your industry.

Are your costs eating up all your profits?
Analyse and optimise your cost structure. How much have fixed and variable costs changed? Conduct a full business audit before making any decisions. Bring in the experts. Identify where the problems are and what factors are causing them. Review contracts with suppliers and try to negotiate better terms.

Mediocre marketing?
Change your marketing strategy and focus on the most effective promotional channels. Run at least 2-3 identical A/B tests on both the website and social networks. Create personalised mailings after analysing the customer profile. Experiment and innovate. Review your approach to customer service from time to time. Listen to their opinions, analyse the feedback, know their "pains" and needs.

TONOP digital solution
The first step in solving any business problem is to diagnose the real causes. Maintain a balance between product, business and finance. TON OP doo ltd's TON software allows you to implement digital solutions for situation analysis based on CRM data. The TONOP BI system retrieves information from databases and analyses it in real time.
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