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Guerrilla marketing. Just Do It

Guerrilla marketing is the indirect and creative promotion of a product or business using unconventional, memorable, effective, fun and daring advertising and marketing techniques.

Online guerrilla marketing is eye-catching and sometimes even shocking. And while this marketing strategy is ideal for start-ups, its unconventional, low-budget methods are used by small businesses and big brands alike. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users discuss news and articles, watch interesting videos, like photos and share posts.

The aim of guerrilla marketing:
  • Promote the brand and the product
  • Surprise the user
  • Linger in the memory
  • Create excitement
  • Increase sales
Viral videos and memes
Viral videos watched by millions of people are a fantastic way to do guerrilla marketing online. Creating this kind of content is not easy. It has to be unusual, bold and new. Original concepts and a different presentation of the material can ensure success. The user and potential customer become the advertising medium.

"Just Do It" is a perennial slogan and famous meme-motivator from Nike. Not so long ago, after the eccentric performance of actor Shia LaBeouf (Shia LaBeouf), the brand created a mass of funny memes and videos that went viral and became very popular.

Marketing evangelism
Creating communities of users to spread information and discuss products or services has become quite common online. Platforms and aggregator sites are popular. They allow participants to share interesting ideas, acting as experts and creators. Starbucks used guerrilla marketing to involve the community and customers in the brand development process. The company launched the Starbucks Ideas app and received hundreds of thousands of new recipes and drink ideas, as well as tens of thousands of service improvement recommendations.

Interactive advertising
Interactive advertising is a key element of guerrilla marketing as it actively engages with the audience, draws attention and encourages participation. IKEA launched an advertising campaign that invited users to virtually place IKEA furniture in their own homes via a mobile app. The entertaining "toy" allowed potential customers to "try out" the company's products, place them in their homes, move the furniture around and choose the colour and design of the interior.
Social media competitions
Gamification, the introduction of game mechanics and elements into non-game areas, is a powerful guerrilla marketing tool. No matter how slim the chances of winning, contests always attract attention. It's fun, engaging and exciting. Contests are a great way to get organic reach for your brand if one of the conditions of entry is to share a link or refer a friend to the contest, for example. Polls, challenges, filters and stickers attract attention, provide an incentive and encourage socialising. Posts that invite users to participate in polls, votes, puzzles or challenges for a fee act as advertising and promote the brand.

An iconic example of guerrilla marketing was the "Crash the Super Bowl" contest for Doritos flavoured chips. Anyone could upload their entries to the competition website. Winners received prizes and the best spots were aired during the Super Bowl American football games.
Working with bloggers
Creating your own content takes time, money and talent. Collaborating with bloggers and opinion leaders is another guerrilla marketing tool. It's so common now that it may not surprise anyone.

Mosquito marketing
This type of guerrilla marketing is for smaller companies. After studying what the competition has to offer, they take advantage of their 'opponent's' weakness. Using mailings and targeted advertising, they cleverly differentiate themselves from the competition.

Hidden links or discount codes
A message in which a hidden link, code word or special discount code rarely goes unnoticed creates a sense of unique opportunity. A game of hide and seek is intriguing and the reward is a discount. In addition, the exposed time frame creates a sense of urgency and uniqueness of the offer. Placing QR codes or Near Field Communication (NFC) technology on promotional materials or products accelerates brand interactions.

Mystery sales or limited offers
Limited-time strategies stimulate demand and create a sense of scarcity, which in turn increases the desire to buy a product or use a service before the opportunity is gone. Flash sales, an offer available only to the first 100 subscribers or a time-limited discount are all designed to create a sense of urgency.

Guerrilla marketing can produce fantastic results, but it requires experience, creativity and a willingness to take risks. TON OP doo ltd helps partner companies to find non-trivial promotional tools. Gamification increases user engagement and loyalty. The multifunctional TONOP programme allows real-time monitoring of the impact of content changes on the popularity and ranking of the client's website.
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