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17 Best Social Networks for your Business in 2024

How many social networking sites do you know? Five? Ten? Which social networks do you use for your business? How do you manage them? Which social networks are popular with your target audience? Should you change anything about your company's advertising strategy in 2024?

Yes, there are many questions. Let's get to the bottom of them.

The right choice, or rather the right set, of social advertising channels has a significant impact on both sales and business development in general.

We offer you to study the evaluation of the most popular social networks of TON OP doo ltd.

Be selective, there is no need to register your company's accounts on all the well-known and lesser-known social networks. Think about which promotional channels will be useful for your business. And remember: only platform-specific content can increase reach and engagement.
1. Facebook: 3.03 billion users
Facebook is the largest social network, used monthly by approximately 37% of the world's population. Seven million advertisers actively promote their businesses on Facebook, as almost all content formats for advertising work well on the platform: text, photos, videos and stories. Even an untrained user can easily understand Facebook's settings. It should be noted that Facebook's algorithm prioritises content that actively engages users, creates an environment for communication, and maintains and builds relationships.

2. YouTube: 2.5 billion users
YouTube is a video sharing platform, the second largest social network and the second largest search engine after Google, with users watching one billion hours of video every day. If you use video to promote your business, add YouTube to your marketing strategy to increase your reach.

3. WhatsApp: 2 billion users
WhatsApp is a mobile application for exchanging text and voice messages, photos, videos, audio and documents between users. The app supports video calls and is popular in over 180 countries. The business platform is often used to advertise and promote small and medium sized businesses.

4. Instagram: 2 billion users
Instagram is a visual platform that allows you to manage a variety of content: photos, videos, stories, online format. It is very common to use user-generated content to promote and keep a business page active. The Instagram business profile collects data and complete analysis, allowing you to schedule publications.

5. WeChat - 1.3 billion users
WeChat is the most popular social network in China and has evolved rapidly from a messaging app to a universal platform. WeChat users can exchange messages and calls, shop online, pay bills, buy groceries, transfer money, place orders and order taxis. Facebook and X are banned in China, so WeChat is a good alternative for promoting any business that works with the Chinese audience.

6. TikTok: 1.05 billion users
TikTok (known as Douyin in China) is the world's fastest growing video content sharing app, popular with young people. A great tool for business advertising, it supports short format videos up to 60 seconds.

7. Telegram: 700 million users
Telegram is a free messaging app. A unique feature of Telegram is the end-to-end encryption of all user activity, including chats, groups and media files exchanged between participants. It is popular for its security, speed and variety of communication features: group chats, channels and bots for automating tasks.
8. Snapchat: 557 million users
Snapchat focuses on photos and short videos that users share with friends. The platform initially became known for its emphasis on private and ephemeral communication, which attracted young people and millennials. It was Snapchat that popularised the vertical video format worldwide.

9. Kuaishou: 626 million users
Kuaishou is a rival to TikTok, a popular Chinese social media platform specialising in short videos and streaming. It allows users to add sound snippets, text overlays and stickers to images or videos.

10. Qzone: 600 million users
Qzone is another Chinese application, a social network and blogosphere where users can chat with friends, view update feeds, comment, upload videos, keep journals and blogs, play games and stream music.
11. Sina Weibo: 584 million users
"Weibo" (微博) is a microblogging platform where users can exchange messages, post photos, videos and stories, view trending topics, use hashtags in posts and use the platform for instant messaging. Weibo's target audience is young people.

12. QQ: 574 million users
Although WeChat leads the market in China, QQ remains the most popular messenger and social network among young people. Apart from China, the platform is used in 80 countries and is available in many languages. The main advantage of QQ is that it does not require a phone to register.

13. X (formerly Twitter): 556 million users
X is a popular social media platform for short messages (tweets) of up to 280 characters. Twitter is widely used for sharing news and socialising. The platform supports multimedia content, polls and quotes. Many brands use Twitter as an alternative customer service channel.

14. Pinterest: 445 million users
Pinterest is a web and mobile platform where users can create virtual 'boards' of images and videos related to their interests, ideas and projects. The platform offers tools for online shopping and business promotion.

15. Reddit: 430 million users
In April 2023, Reddit was dubbed "the front page of the Internet" by bringing together specialised forums on its platform, where in-depth discussions on niche topics often take place. For businesses, this is an interesting format for promotion.

16. LinkedIn: 424 million users
LinkedIn is no longer just a job search platform, but a professional recruitment network where professionals share content and promote their personal or corporate brands.

17. Quora: 300 million users
Quora is a public website and Q&A application where users can share information on a wide range of topics.

The TONOP programme allows the tracking of publications and combines accounts from different social networks. The user can manage content across multiple platforms simultaneously and track and analyse audience activity.
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