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Dropshipping. Exchange and return policy

«Product returns». These are words that many entrepreneurs dread, even those who have been in e-commerce for years. The thought that all your efforts were in vain doesn't give you peace of mind. Stop! Product returns are not the end of the world. It's an experience that you can turn to your advantage.

Clear return policy is important for both the dropshipper and the customer. More than 70% of online shoppers study an online shop's returns page before making a purchase.

Let's find out what the dropshipper has to do to ensure that when a product is returned, his e-commerce does not suffer and sales increase.
Website page
Create a page on your website on which you put a clear and understandable return policy for your shop. You can also place other useful information that your customers may need here as well. Place the return policy in the footer of the site, for example, so that it's easy to find.

Describe which products are not covered by your return policy. Specify in what condition the item needs to be in in order for you to accept it back. Include key points such as the return date and address, and the possibility of a refund. Offer clear steps for returns and let customers know in advance when a refund will not be offered.
Returns culture
Exchange and return policies are a sore point in the dropshipping industry and can be critical. Respond without delay to any customer dissatisfaction, especially if they ask for a replacement product or refund.

The handling of customer complaints and the exchange and return policy reflect the company's culture and the priority it gives to its customers.
Agree in advance with suppliers on the entire exchange or return procedure. It is important to the dropshipper that the goods to be replaced are in stock at the supplier's warehouse.

Returns increase sales
Dropshipping, like any business, is built primarily on trust. A clear and hassle-free returns process encourages customers to come back and make another purchase where they have already been welcomed. They already know how your shop operates. In case of a problem, they don't have to worry about sending the product back.

If you have a free returns policy for any period, this service should be well calculated and "dissolved" into the overall cost of the product, otherwise you won't be able to cover the loss.

Specify where the product should be returned. Since in dropshipping delivery is the supplier's responsibility, customers may not understand to which address they need to send unsatisfying goods.

Refunds without returns
The concept of returns can seem confusing to the customer. As a dropshipper you can indeed offer refunds without requiring your customers to return the goods. This is not a bad solution, especially if the customer has previously received a spoiled or damaged product. Ask him or her to send a photo confirmation of the defect and to confirm the exchange or return request. Negotiate in advance with the supplier to resolve issues and responsibilities in the event of damage to the product.

If you go for a refund but don't want to deal with delivery, offer the customer another product instead of a refund. What he wanted to return can stay with him. If your margin is high enough, you are likely to recoup the deal.

Return period
The return period within which returns are possible is one of the most important points to include in the return policy. This will protect the dropshipper from customers who want to return an item that has already been used after some time has passed.

TON OP doo ltd develops unique methodologies for developing and enforcing a returns policy in e-commerce, although this process is not legally defined, it is very useful for developing and promoting any online shop.
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