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Dropshipping. How not to burnout and not to be disappointed

The familiar rituals of the working day: checking emails, answering messages, calling, writing, enquiring, deciding. Online business merges seamlessly with online life. The hustle and bustle of everyday life is embellished by opportunities. But what about routine?

Thousands of enthusiastic articles have been written about the dropshipping business model. Anyone who hears for the first time about this retail scheme, which allows a shop to operate without a warehouse and without buying wholesale goods, is hooked on the idea. It all seems so simple.

Yes, dropshipping is a low-risk, easy-to-scale business and, let's face it, it requires investment: effort, time and, yes, money. A dropshipper has to compete with a lot of clone sites. Often he can't find a quality product. He is burned by the lack of commitment and the deception of the supplier. And sooner or later he burns out.
Take the hit: know how to accept failure
Success in dropshipping depends first and foremost on the products offered by the online shop. The personal qualities of the supplier, their reputation and the popularity of the trading platform are also important. By investing money in promoting his business, the dropshipper is working for his future, his name and his reputation.

Crisis situations in the dropshipping business are not inevitable, but they do happen. Goods may arrive late or turn out to be of poor quality. It is not possible to find a way to deal with a difficult customer. It is important not to get frustrated and lose motivation when you encounter obstacles along the way. Failure is part of business and experience.

If everything is working perfectly in the business today, there is no guarantee that the same processes will be successful and stable tomorrow. Stories from guru bloggers about how easy it is to become a millionaire in your slippers are no longer taken seriously. Every business has a daily routine, twists and turns and disappointments.

How do you react? For some, failure becomes an obstacle, while for others it is an opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief and move on. The important thing to remember is that this is part of the business process, and sometimes it cannot be anticipated or avoided.

Saying no
Rejection, refusal and saying 'no' are perhaps the most difficult skills to master, and not just in business. If you are presented with a new business idea that doesn't fit with your business model or principles, the ability to say "no" can be your defence against future overload and failure. To avoid mental and emotional burnout, don't accept offers that conflict with your values.

Dropshipping (and sometimes dropshipping hard)
Effective dropshipping requires strategic thinking. Researching the market, analysing data, choosing the right products to sell. Sometimes hard work is required, especially in the early stages of the business or while you are working out the kinks. Generating orders is the main job of a dropshipper. He develops his business and does marketing, looks for interesting offers and suppliers, and deals with customer orders and complaints. It is important to bear this in mind when embarking on this challenging but interesting journey.
Start slowly
When you start an online business, take your time. Test the idea, look for pitfalls, work out your first orders. Then decide whether you need to: register a trademark, order a logo, create a multi-page website, register a company, contact a lawyer and find an accountant. Find out first if the business you want to do is viable.

Take small steps. Start with a limited range of products and test the market. This will help you avoid big risks and mistakes in the early stages of dropshipping.

Finding and vetting reliable suppliers can take a long time. Dropshipping is profitable if you have the 'right' suppliers, sell the 'right' products and promote your business in the 'right' way.
Things are going well - slow down
After a successful start, don't pick up the pace. Uncontrolled growth can lead to problems with order management, customer service and product quality. Scale your business gradually. Consider seasonality and keep an eye on your competitors. The market is unpredictable: yesterday's stability may be the calm before the storm. Think about contingency plans in case things don't go as planned.

TONOP: optimise the process
Dropshipping is based on a relationship of trust. A responsible supplier (manufacturer, dealer or distributor) is the backbone of the business. Any breakdown in service, delay in delivery or failure to meet expectations of the product purchased will reflect first and foremost on the dropshipper. The culprit is the one who first presented the product online, the one the customer decided to trust. Reputation suffers, the customer leaves and never returns.

Connecting the digital product of TON OP doo ltd helps dropshippers to optimise the sales process by accurately prioritising tasks. The TONOP software calculates possible costs, helps analyse demand and forecasts sales.
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