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Online store.
What to start with?

How do I create a winning e-commerce business strategy? First of all, it is necessary to analyze the market, investigate the need for goods and services, decide what and to whom you will sell, decide on pricing and study competitors. By choosing the business model of the future enterprise and drawing up at least a minimum business plan, you can start acting.

Today, without an online store or your own site, any business will quickly cease to exist, you will have a long and systematic work on its search engine optimization, design, marketing on social networks.

Dropshipping continues to be a profitable and fairly simple low-risk business model that can scale at an average profit of 15% to 20%.
After you have studied the sites of competitors and found an approximate niche for your business, analyze the selected product through Google Trends. This way you will not only study demand, but also check the popularity of requests and learn the geography of customers.

Dropshipping makes a profit if you have the "right" suppliers, you sell the "right" product and you "right" promote your business.

Social networks allow users to interact with each other, exchange information, promote content in the form of blog posts, presentations and videos.
One of the most important aspects of dropshipping is the increase in conversion and sales. Start by optimizing the product description pages.
To do this, it is worth constantly analyzing both the content of the site and the requests for which customers come to your site. It is necessary to monitor the analytics of your site daily, or better more often. Do not be lazy and study the work of a tool such as Google Analytica. We recommend that you conduct keyword research and constantly identify new audiences for advertising.

Selling texts and a high-quality image of the product significantly affect sales. Man, first of all, perceives the visual series. The first 3 seconds are important, during which the site visitor decides to close the page or stay on it.

At first glance, dropshipping seems like an almost ideal business for anyone who enters e-commerce. But it often takes a lot of effort and time to find the "right" suppliers. There are intermediaries who buy goods from other wholesalers, add a mark-up, and then pass them off as direct goods. The dropshipper has little chance of making a profit by partnering with such companies. TON OP DOO LTD. uses an innovative information and search engine that allows you to find the right products for our customers on the most favorable terms.

Success in e-commerce can be achieved only through constant testing of new ideas and optimization of all business processes. From content, website speed to clarity of delivery and quality of goods.

TON OP DOO LTD. cooperates with large and time-tested logistics centers. We will find the most profitable and optimal way to deliver the goods for your dropshipper.

Do not forget that dropshipping is best suited for niche products. The item you offer on the site should always be available. It is therefore important to receive regular updates on the items and their quantities in the supplier's warehouse.

Order from dropshipper competitors. After examining the return address on the delivered item, you will find out who is their supplier. This is a great opportunity to find out how a competitor works and find a potential supplier.

If you are interested in a specific product at a certain price, then TON OP DOO LTD. specialists will search for its direct manufacturers for you, track the entire supply chain, check the certification, quantity and price of the declared product.
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