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How to write about a product and improve site ranking?

Google tips: Get To The Top
A good product description becomes an important aspect of e-commerce. Product reviews help customers make informed purchasing decisions and can help improve a site's search engine ranking.

An e-commerce site without a product description is doomed to failure. A sitemap is an important element to the success of an online store. Over the past year, Google has been singling out websites with unique content that is geared towards people, not search engines (Helpful Content Update) in its rankings.
According to Google's terminology, the new approach to the rating system is about improving ranking systems and updating Google's algorithm, which now runs constantly in the background. Simply put, Google is once again changing the rules by which it determines how popular a site is and ranks it higher in search results.

E-commerce sites with unusual and original product reviews will win in the unequal battle with online competitors. For better rankings in 2023, Google recommends that you place high-quality product reviews on your site.

So what does Google advise?
This is what works and immediately attracts attention. Performance, size, quantity - it's all important, concise and visual.

Detailed and honest
Describe the product from the user's perspective: how it differs from your competitors' products. Share customer experiences - both positive and negative. But avoid making false claims or exaggerating product features.
Expert opinion
Tell how the product can be used and why it is interesting or unusual. Describe how the product works. This will help you better understand its capabilities.

It is always interesting to compare an updated version or new model and compare it to something that has been on the market for a while. What has changed in features, appearance, ergonomics? What has improved? It is important to describe not only the dry facts, but also the sensations.

To make it easier for the reader to make a decision, add links to useful resources. This way he will be able to learn more about the product and its features.

Be concise
Describe your product concisely. Use short paragraphs, keep it simple and avoid technical terms that can confuse the reader. Use headings and italics to break up large blocks of text.

Be specific
Write about how the product has "influenced or helped solve a problem, made a difference". Avoid descriptions like "why customers like this product". They lack specificity and hold a lot of water.

Be honest
While describing the benefits, be sure to talk about the drawbacks. If one of your customers didn't like the product, analyze why and describe that experience.

Talk about the product's features, how your customers have used it. Provide as much information about the product as possible, including size, weight, features, and any other important details. Photos: If possible, include photos and videos of the product in use. Visualization is an important part of promotion.

Use relevant and specific keywords in your reviews. Everything should be in moderation. It's not the quantity of keywords that matters, but their quality! Identify ineffective keywords and optimize them.

Tonop: Get to the top
Following these tips will allow you to write high-quality reviews that will be useful to your customers and improve your site's search engine rankings.

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